Porting Doom to A/UX

What is A/UX?

Preparing to port Doom

Login options from a computer running A/UX.
You have a choice between a console emulator, a 24-bit or 32-bit Finder, or X11.
Same computer but loading MacX atop of A/UX.
“High-performance” by 1997 standards.

You can’t just make this stuff up

Screenshot of me editing C code on a Twitch stream.
Reversing a suggestion to run these as signed as opposed to unsigned was the last hurdle after adding a compiler flag to force use of the functions if the flag is used. After this point, I had success!

It works, but it’s slow and has other problems

Doom being played in A/UX.
Becky Heineman’s README file for the 3DO Doom port comes to mind now.
Screenshot of a Mac running A/UX with a level completed in Doom.
I made it to the end of the level with no kills, but I did at least one secret! Also, someone asked if this was real hardware, so I made my OSSC show the display details.
Screenshot of Doom showing visual artifacting as I move the game around.
At least the HUD was normal.

Why am I (likely) the first to do this?

Where can I get this?



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