Thoughts on Ace Attorney — the original game trilogy and anime series

I made a lot of remarks about how painful aspects of the game were and yet I still wanted more.

Why did I become so engrossed?

I hate the circus

Anyone who has played the third case of the second game knows the circus.
This case had me audibly complaining about every character presented.

Kurain village, mysticism, and the Feys

I was so relieved when there was a murder. It’s incredibly messed up for me to type that statement.
“I have been saying for the past three hours that Dahlia is not dead” (hours pass) “well, okay, this makes more sense now, but I am still sort of right!!!”

The anime tries so hard

The circus is more bearable in the anime than in the game. On purpose, I am only showing Phoenix and Maya because they’re talking to Moe and I don’t want to see Moe again.

What is next?



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