Twitch chat harassment remains unaddressed despite complaints and evidence of potential fraud

Cropped portion of a Twitch stream showing obscene chat.
Crop from a Twitch stream of mine where an individual came into chat to post something sexually obscene.
Tweet from January 12, 2021 where Twitch discusses its new harassment policy.
New accounts created by MoS on Twitch throughout 2020.
Sample of offerings from “BigFollows”, a service which can provide you with inflated numbers of viewers, followers, and most concerning, subscribers. This service is spammed heavily in Twitch chats.
Twitch account “CommanderRoot” displaying statistics about users playing a game, with a purple-coloured checkmark next to their name on the bottom-right, indicating their partner status. Their account’s sole purpose is to idle in other people’s streams and collect data and nothing more with an obnoxious message delivered via Twitch’s moderation appeal system should you ban them.



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Cariad Keigher

Cariad Keigher

Queer dork with an interest in LGBTQ+ issues, computer security, video game speedrunning, and Python programming. You can see her stream on Twitch at @KateLibC.